• Stack Implements Vector(sync), Vector implements List
  • Anything you can do with Stack you can do with linkedlist, the only reason to use stack will be to utilize synchronous ability of Vector, since Stack implements a Vector
  • common menthods:


empty()O(1)To test if this stack is emptyboolean
peek()O(1)looks at the top of the stack without removing it from the stackE
pop()O(1)Removes the object at the top of this stack and returns that object as the value of this function.E
push()O(1)Pushes an item onto the top of this stack.E
search(Object o)O(n)Returns the 1-based position where an object is on this


  • list: push is to add node to the front of list and pop is to remove from front of list
  • array: topOfStack is initialized to -1, when push, arr[topOfStack++]=element; when pop, return arr[--topOfStack]; use topOfStack==-1 to check if emtpy


  • balance symbols
  • postfix expression
  • infix to postfix conversion
  • method calls